Joachim Waagaard Goes Drifting Away With Davies Craig

19/06/2019 12:00AM

Motorsport has proven to be a fantastic proving ground for mechanical components in cars. Not unexpectedly it puts a lot of stress and pressure on areas such as the transmission, the driveline that puts power down to the ground via the wheels. But what about cooling?

It’s impossible to understate how critical cooling is in motorsport and Joachim Waagaard knows this only too well. Joachim, you see, is a drifter.

No, not one of the battered and travel weary souls that hop from train to train in search of a better life, he pounds a BMW M4 around race tracks at 45 degrees to the straightaway, leaving plumes of smoke from his shrieking tyres behind him.

Waagaard hails from Norway, a country not known for drifting. What drivers from that snow-locked country are known for is rallying, and the soon to be 30 year old (November 14 is his birthday, if you want to send a card) started in motorsport in his tenth year of life. Like so many, he followed the path of go-karts before moving into the heavier metal of car racing, and this started at the age of just 17.

Waagaard started in the technically demanding motorsport of drifting just a few years ago as part of the Powerdrift Norwegian Drift series. He made his mark upon the scene with a Chev LS3 powered Mazda RX-7.

This brought him to the attention of the organizers of the Goodwood Festival of Speed event in 2015, marking the first time a drifter driver from Norway had been invited to perform at this hallowed event.

Recently, Waagaard has made himself present on screen with a stint that placed him in a Sach’s commercial on the ice with his BMW M4, as well as having the opportunity to be a stunt driver in a new Bollywood film. To top off an already remarkable year, Waagaard and his team were filled with excitement after getting their hands on a race truck where his trusted M4, along with spare parts and other drift related necessities are now situated.  

His current car is substantially modified from standard, running a 6.6L Chev LS2 V8 pumping out 620hp and 815Nm of torque. With the strain that a drift event puts on engines such as this, Joachim has selected Davies Craig to be his cooling supplier via our Davies Craig EWP® 150 system. With up to 150 litres of coolant per minute being fed through the radiator and engine, Joachim knows that this setup is just what he needs to keep cool as his 2015 BMW shows its might as it’s punched around the track.

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