A History of Automotive Cooling Innovation


How did a small Australian company grow to become the world leaders in our field? The answer is simple - innovation.

The ability to create new solutions to problems, and a commitment to technology, service and quality, has made Davies, Craig one of Australia's most successful exporters, providing high airflow automotive Electric Fans, Electric Water Pumps & digital controllers & switches to markets around the world.



Fanning the Winds of Change

In 1971, belt-driven fans were the only option for automotive cooling. Searching for a more efficient method, Australian engineers Daryl Davies and Bill Craig created the Thermatic Fan. Davies, Craig was formed to manufacture the new electric fans, and has since developed a comprehensive range, covering most makes of vehicles. A Davies, Craig innovation, electric cooling has now become a standard feature on most of the world's new cars



Technology Creating Cool Solutions

Whatever your automotive cooling needs, Davies, Craig has the Electric Fan, Electric Water Pump (EWP®), Electric Booster Pump (EBP), Digital Controller, Fan Switch & Transmission Oil Cooler for the job. The ability to quickly adapt to the specific requirements of both new and existing customers has been a major factor in our success. Today Davies, Craig "tailor made" cooling systems are supplied as original equipment to automotive manufacturers & the aftermarket throughout the world. Davies, Craig was established to satisfy a market need and our ongoing investment in Research and Development will ensure we continue to provide better and more efficient products. Our facilities include a fully computerized wind tunnel, balancing machines, flow rigs and pressure testing equipment to ensure the highest quality standards.




Service and Support. Our Commitment to You

You'll find customer service is the first priority at Davies, Craig. Our entire team works together to satisfy your automotive cooling needs. When you approach Davies, Craig, your enquiries will be promptly answered, and you'll have a cooling solution in your hands as soon as possible. A hotline is run during business hours. All Davies, Craig fans are backed by a 24 month warranty and supported by our nationwide service and support plan. In the unlikely event of a problem, help is always close at hand. 



Quality - Setting the Standards

At Davies, Craig, we created the Thermatic Fan so we literally set the standards in quality. In 1994 we became a Quality Endorsed Company, reaching Australian Standards' ISO 9002:1994 in production, installation and servicing. This has been upgraded to ISO 9001:2008. Our fans are supplied as original equipment in several American cars. In 1995 Siemens Electric Limited, suppliers of air-conditioning equipment to GM and Chrysler, awarded DAVIES CRAIG its highest supplier rating when it received 350,000 perfect units, on time, with zero rejects.