"Good morning John,

Thank you for meeting with us yesterday amd and thank you for your kind attention to our needs. We will certainly be recommending your firm to any of our contacts and we wish you, your family and your colleagues a great Christmas/New Year.


DATE: Wednesday, 9 December 2020 10:29 AM
Bruce and Janet Harvey 
Thermatic Fans suit MGB
Customer Email

" Here are the photo’s of my car with

"When the temp rises at idle or when in hi-torque, low-speed situations and triggers the thermostat start control, the fans kick in and pull down the temp quickly. This is a huge improvement on the previous set-up"
"So in closing I would just like to say, thank you for making great gear"

DATE: 23 June 2011
Andrew Brown
TOPIC: Fitting 2 X DC31 Thermatic Fans  

ARTICLE: Customer Email


" Here are the photo’s of my car with the fans fitted. They work a treat and make it a pleasure to drive. Thanks very much for your help"

DATE: 6 April 2011
FROM: Marc Quarrell
TOPIC: Fitting Davies Craig Thermatic Fans 2 x 0007 14” HP 
ARTICLE: Customer Email