"I recently purchased a Davies, Craig pump from a U.S. distributor, Summit Racing. The application of that pump was a unique one: to assist in the engine coolant flow on a small utility tractor.The installation involved fitting a larger (65 mm) metric radiator hose to a 3/8 inch pump hose. I did extensive research on ways to accomplish that, but did not find a satisfactory solution. I contacted the world headquarters several times about my situation, and in every instance received prompt and informative responses to my questions.

Davies,Craig is among the best examples of customer service that I have ever experienced.  I won't hesitate to purchase their products again when the need arises."

From: Fred Ziegman

Sent: 17th August 2017 (Email)

Subject:  Davies Craig EWP with small utility tractor

"I want to thank everyone involved for resolving this issue so fast. This is the kind  of commitment to customers that keeps them for life.

I can tell you that anybody that asks about my EWP150 will hear about your excellent customer service"

 Thank You 

From: Brent Miller

Sent: 8th November 2016 (Email)

Subject:  Davies Craig EWP150 & #8611 Threads

"Hi John and all at the Davies Craig factory.  The DC products together with Lucas Oil Water Wetter is a wonderful combination. The EWP is brilliant and many people have been sneeking a look under the bonnet to see why I can run so hard in the head winds and heat.  Top speed on the black stuff was 140kph before I realised and backed off. When we have ram air I actually turn the EF off in order to retain some heat in the engine. Many cars are broken and one didn't make it to the start line from the hotel in Beijing.

From: Rod Wade 

Sent: 16 June 2016 (Email)

Subject: The vintage Adventurer - Peaking to Paris

Vintage Adventurer Peking Paris 3.jpgVintage Adventurer Peking Paris 2.jpg

"As an mid-engine Ferrari (from the 80’s) owner, I had just grown accustomed to the cabin temperature being affected by the power plant behind the cars occupants.  I made the switch to the Davies-Craig Electric Water pump kit last year (2015) and can state that there is a very noticeable difference. This is particularly evident when stationary in traffic where, historically, the cabin temperature would increase significantly and then slowly cool down when the car was moving again. This has made the ride comfort much better as the ambient temperature is better controlled.

 Further to this the car reaches operating temperature quicker and cools down much faster – this is particularly beneficial for me as the garage leads to my study and so there is lot less heat coming into the study.

 My only regret is that I didn’t make the switch much sooner. Based on my experience, I would thoroughly recommend that anyone considering to make the switch, to do so without hesitation."

From: Zen 
2 Feb 2016 (Email)
EWP suitable for your Ferrari 3.0 Mondial QV

Mondial 1 panorama.jpgMondial Electric Water Pump 1.jpg

"This EWP80 and LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller has absolutely transformed the cooling system on this ‘Sidecar’ (Honda VFR 800) motor bike.

Tim Murphy is ecstatic as he has been ‘chasing’ overheating issues on this sidebile for a few years!"

From: John Benson
26 October 2015 (Email)
Honda VFR800 Motor Bike - Overheating

 Honda VFR800 Motor Bike (Oct2015).jpg

"I'd just like to report that I fitted a Davies Craig EWP and controller to my 52 hp water

"The 1953 Crestline arrived home today from Burma.   It was a beautiful noise to hear when I started her up.  Thank you and Davies Craig for all that you did to help make the RTM rally a memorable one."

From: Rod - Vintage Adventurer 
21 April 2015 (Email)
 The 1953

1953 Front On - Vintage Adventurer.jpg     1953 Back On - Vintage Adventurer.jpg


"I'd just like to report that I fitted a Davies Craig EWP and controller to my 52 hp water cooled motorcycle engine. Previously my best ever fuel economy was 330 km / tank (17L). Since fitting the EWP I get above 370 km / tank. So, every time I fill up I get 40 extra kms, which makes the conversion well worth the cost and effort. Good product!"

From: Mike Richardson
Tuesday, 17 February 2015 1:15 PM (Email)
EWP & 52 hp water cooled motorcycle engine

"I would like to personally thank Davies Craig for the exquisite products that made the difference between triumph and failure"

From: Rod Wade
Sent: Monday, 16th June 2014 (Email)
Subject: EWP & Fan

"First thing thank you so much for the quick service , just great.
On Friday a new temp sensor turned up, once fitted I did no more than start the car, after about 1 minuet all the lights came on red, I turned the car off re started and the car came up to temp, the controller went 75 /80 /85 / then at 90 the fan came on and all went back to 85 perfect !!
Again thank you for the best possible service, I will keep you updated"

From: Dean Thomas
Sent: Thursday, 29th May 2014 (Email)
Subject: Digital Controller & EWP

"Just a quick note to once again thank you for the customer service. I drove the Dodge 2.2 turbo powered Fiat X1/9 1,200 miles this past week FROM Florida to Virginia and back in 90 degree Fahrenheit weather. The temp gauge stayed at a steady 190 F the entire way. This included driving into the Blue Ridge Mountains (lot of altitude and vertical climb). Cant say enough about the product"

From: Alan Arnold
Sent: Tuesday, 14 August 2012 (Email) 
Subject: EWP80 on Fiat X1/9 powered with Dodge 2.2 turbo


"This is a brilliant cooling system and worth every penny. "

From: Wesley van Rooyen
Sent: Tuesday, 16 July 2013 (Email)
Subject: EWP115 & Digital Controller on 13b rotary

"I recently replaced my EWP and controller on my 1967 Holden after 7.5 years of faultless performance over the entire period. Thanks Davies, Craig for making such a reliable and trustworthy improvement to the cooling system of my car, I have the same system on my second car and wouldn’t hesitate to put it on any car I own or to recommend it to others."

From: Greg Oleinikoff
Sent: Tuesday, 8 May 2012 (Email)
Subject: Re: Ewp lifespan

"Just a quick thanks for your prompt response and replacement of my electric pump unit. Ive been in the motor trade for over 40 years and never had service and advice like your companys. Very impressed. Paul. P.S. it's fitted in a Mitsubishi Express van with a 308, keeps its cool even on 35+ days."

DATE: 31 October 2011
FROM: Paul Butler (40 years in the motor trade)
TOPIC: Fitting EWP to Mitsubishi Express Van with 308
ARTICLE: Customer email

"The packaging was superb – it took me a lot of time and patience to open the box. Your customer service is exemplar – much appreciated, thank you."
 1 August 2011

FROM: Peter Borcic (Perth, WA)
ARTICLE: Customer Email

"All is well and I am recommending your system to everyone I speak with. I can not begin to express my high level of confidence in your Company and it's products due, in no small part, to the level of customer support you provided. It is our intent that the end users would get that level of support from us as the providing Vendor"

DATE: 17 June 2011
FROM: David Kaufman
TOPIC: Fitting EWP115 to Jeep
ARTICLE: Customer Email

"I must say I am extremely impressed and grateful for the excellent service you have provided and the manner in which you have communicated with me. If I can be of any more assistance in any way in prompting your product, please give me the opportunity"

DATE: 14 June 2011
TOPIC: Fitting Alloy EWP115 & Digital Controler
ARTICLE: Customer Email


"The 007 is a great name for the kit; it really "killed" our overheating problem!! This fan REALLY moves some air"

DATE: 10 February 2011
FROM: Bob Howie (GMH-Torana.com.au)

"My new pump is the heart of my Falcon, has ended all heating issues, and still does it with the stock 289 rad VS and the 351 W engine in it. Picked up HP with the new pump, car ran 13:29 100 mph on street tires....now its time is 13:79, nothing more then the new pump"

DATE: 13 January 2011
FROM: Jack Peek
TOPIC: EWP Fitted to Falcon - Increased Perfomance
ARTICLE: Customer Email 

"Your water pumps made a big difference in taking the air rated water out of the engine in this extreme temps and load conditions"

DATE: 23 March 2009
FROM: Bruce Garland (Dakar Rally Competitor)
TOPIC: EWP115 & The Dakar Rally

"Firstly, the electric water pump exceeded all my expectations"

DATE: July to August 2005
FROM: www.Singster.co.uk - Peter Watts
TOPIC: Installation of Electric Water Pump into 1939 Roadster

"it all worked exactly as they said it would"

DATE: May to June 2005
FROM: www.Singster.co.uk - Peter Watts
TOPIC: Installation of Electric Water Pump into 1939 Roadster

"This now works so well"

DATE: 18 August 2001
FROM: John Elmes
TOPIC: Installation of Electric Water Pump into Jaguar 140 FHC