Why a Davies Craig Electric Booster Pump?

29/06/2018 09:00AM

Davies Craig manufactures a wide range of automotive cooling products with its award winning Electric Water Pumps and Thermatic Fans often receiving the plaudits from industry professionals and car enthusiasts. But what about our range of smaller capacity Electric Booster Pumps (EBP)? Where do they fit into the Davies Craig product range and what applications are they best suited to?

The Davies Craig range of Electric Booster Pumps  were  established to cater for a number of applications including smaller capacity IC engines such as go-karts, motorcycles, small tractors, early thermosiphon engines, water-to-air intercoolers and boosters for car heaters and LPG systems are all common applications among our customers. The Electric Booster Pumps are available in a range of sizes, from EBP15, (15L/min), the EBP23 (23L/min), the EBP25 (25L/min) up to the EBP40 (40L/min).

All EBPs are long-life brushless, magnetically driven pumps. Some models are available in 12v or 24v. Due to their brushless, magnetically driven nature the only moving part is the impeller, which pivots on a spindle and floats in the coolant! The pump’s chambers are hermetically sealed for trouble free operation and endurance.

In a typical performance vehicle’s engine application we would recommend the larger Electric Water Pump to solve cooling issues, smaller engines such as go karts and motorcycles with engines up to 2000cc will benefit from the compact, lightweight EBP.

Talk to us today to find out why a Davies Craig Electric Booster Pump is the solution to your automotive cooling needs!