What’s on the horizon for Davies Craig?

29/07/2016 12:12AM

Here at Davies Craig we pride ourselves on being fully Australian owned and operated. With our passion and dedication for producing truly innovative products, we have been an industry leader in the automotive and air conditioning cooling markets for over 45 years. Our world class Electric Water Pumps and Thermatic® Cooling Fans are manufactured and distributed from right here in Australia, so not only do we take care of our own, but the international market as well.

When it comes to our Thermatic® Fans, we understand that the current labelling system on our packaging can be slightly confusing. We have traditionally used a “DCSL” label in front of the fan size as we believed the part number was less important than the products description. We have now acknowledged that we need to improve the visual presentation of our Thermatic® Fans by making our labels and packaging simpler and more appealing.  

All references of the previous “DCSL” and “DCLSX” coding will be removed from our new Thermatic® Fan brochure as well as our website and with our fans also being completely reversible, you can install our products in either a puller or pusher configuration depending on your needs and requirements

We have decided to completely remove the kit models from our line-up and now our Thermatic® Fans will have brand new pizza box packaging, so you can expect the same high quality Davies Craig Thermatic®  Fan to look as good it performs.

We pride ourselves on producing durable and premium quality products which deliver realistic energy saving solutions and still offer our 2-year warranty. So keep an eye out for our newly redesigned products and visit our state-of-the-art website at www.daviescraig.com.au or contact your nearest distributor.