Updated EBP®25 Means Business!

18/04/2019 12:00AM

Here at Davies Craig one of our biggest drivers is to continue to innovate and explore ways in which we can improve our products.

With this, it is with great pleasure that we announce the relaunch of our EBP®25 Electric Booster Pump! The EBP15, EBP23 and EBP40 have all drawn high recognition around the world– and the newly updated EBP 25 will now complement this versatile range.

Through rigorous testing and better understanding what Davies Craig customers want from our range of products, we have developed the compact, lightweight EBP®25 which now offers –

  • Brushless motor
  • higher flow capacity
  • higher head pressure than the EBP®25 model it supersedes
  • lower current draw

Because the update means the EBP®25 is lighter (650 grams/1.43 lb), more compact, and has higher head pressure than the current EBP®25 it replaces, the potential to utilize this EBP among a wider variety of applications becomes one major benefit. The Electric Booster Pump offers the perfect solution for all water-to-air intercooler and turbo/supercharger kit applications among a wider range of applications including; camping, caravan, SUV, marine, solar and much more.

Additionally, the mechanical design of the updated EBP®25 itself has a brushless, centrifugal pump which further eliminates brush wear (where if not eliminated, can necessitate frequent maintenance and downtime) common with conventional brushed electric motors. This ensures increased lifespan of the Electric Booster Pump.

To add to the already significant upgrade, we’ve also included the mounting bracket for this Electric Booster Pump, ensuring the installation process is as easy as possible. And for further safety, the updated EBP®25 also comes equipped with reverse polarity protection and overvoltage protection, meaning your new EBP becomes less prone to electrical damage.

Looking at the previous EBP®25 and the updated EBP®25 gives us a bit more of an indication on the improvements that have been made.




Previous EBP®25

Updated EBP®25

Part Numbers

9005 & -9105








Pump Design

Recirculating Centrifugal

Recirculating Centrifugal

Operating Voltage

 9VDC to 15VDC  

8v DC to 20v DC

 Maximum Current



 Flow Rate @ 10kpA

 25L/min (6.6 US gal/min)

27L/min (7.13 US gal/min)

 Operating Temperature

 -40° to 120°C (-40 to 248 F)  

-40°c to 120°c (-40 to 248 F)

 Pump Design

 Recirculating centrifugal

Recirculating Centrifugal

 Pump Weight

 .995 kg

.65kg including mounting bracket

 Burst Pressure




The newly updated EBP®25 can also be used to enhance OEM engine cooling systems, improving coolant circulation especially in LPG conversions and greatly assisting the management of engine temperatures. 

With the launch of the updated EBP®25 unveiled, 2019 is continuing to prove a tremendous year for Davies Craig, with the new #0500 having also been recently released. Which features would you like to see added on our products? Let us know through our social channels!