Tomcar Australia teams up with Davies Craig!

03/12/2016 05:00AM

Davies Craig’s Sales and Marketing Manager, John Benson pounced on an opportunity to assist the Tomcar Australia crew following their meeting at the 2102 Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) Showcase activity at the 2012 Australian Formula One Grand Prix. Observing their static display, John noticed the Tomcar TM-5 ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) was fitted with two small imported radiator cooling fans.

Discussing these cooling fans and their application with Joe and David Brim, John asked the Brims if Tomcar would be interested in a 45-year Australian-owned and operated manufacturer of automotive Thermatic® Fans supplying their cooling product for fitment their ATV models.

Following a workshop fit-out of two 14”  Thermatic Fans at Davies Craig headquarters engineering workshop and the presentation of a quotation, Davies Craig became locked in as a Tomcar supplier.

The Tomcar Australia story is a wonderful example of passion and persistence by the Brim family company to bring their ATV to market. Driven by a strong desire, the fruits of their 5+ years of ‘hard R & D labour’ reached a point where local company MTM Industries offered them assistance to mass-produce this product in Victoria.

“Davies Craig is proud to be associated with the supply of Australian-produced Thermatic® Fans to Tomcar Australia. An exciting addition to the Australian ATV market, Tomcar is set to blaze a trail across this great Aussie landscape and tackle target markets including Agricultural, Defence, Mining, SES, CFA, Police, Surf Rescue just to name a few”, commented John Benson. “We support young enterprising Australian companies like Tomcar Australia and as a 40-year innovative Australian start-up company it’s in our DNA to get behind the Brim family and support their company reach their objectives”, John Benson concluded.

The past eleven years have been a battle for Tomcar to cement its place in the challenging Australian Manufacturing industry and the very competitive ATV market. The Melbourne-based ATV-maker has been steadily establishing its presence with its expanding range of high-end, off-road vehicles that have found a strong footing in the agricultural industry. The company has also developed models to suit the military/defence, law enforcement and mining. The company is well down the track with development of its electric LV1 go-anywhere vehicle which should create a strong interest from a number of machinery and automotive sectors.