The Benefits of a Davies Craig Electric Water Pump

08/10/2016 04:00AM

When it comes to automotive engine cooling and solutions, Davies Craig is an industry leader in design, quality and innovation. Proudly Australian owned and operated, we have been manufacturing and distributing world class Electric Water Pumps and Thermatic® Cooling Fans around the world for over 45 years.  

Traditional mechanical water pumps have been used in production cars for decades, but this ‘iron age’ technology has gone well past its ‘use by’ date, they have their drawbacks. Mechanical water pumps are driven by the engine itself and due to operating when the engine is, the mechanical pump can provide either too much cooling or not enough, hence the fitment of a thermostat! With a mechanical water pump which is being driven directly from the engine, it consumes valuable horsepower and fuel.

So what’s the solution? Well a Davies Craig Electric Water Pump (EWP®) of course! An electric water pump is operated totally independently of the engine drawing very little DC current at maximum flow. This allows the EWP® to operate at precisely the right speed, with a Davies Craig patented LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller fitted to give you the desired engine operating temperatures. Now, a EWP® is more efficient and more ‘in tune’ in with your engine's specific cooling requirements.

Having a Davies Craig EWP® provides more horsepower, improves throttle response, fuel efficiency and even extends your engine's life by eliminating heat soak! So when things are getting hot under the hood, you can count on a Davies Craig EWP® and LCD EWP®/ Fan Controller to save the day!

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