The Beck 550s Spyder

10/06/2017 12:00AM

This James Dean inspired circa 1955 Porsche 550s Spyder Replica has been fitted with a host of Davies Craig’s finest engine cooling products. Other than the “Japanese Porsche”/Subaru 2.5 litre horizontally opposed, water cooled, fuel injected boxer engine, modern touches include an alloy Davies Craig EWP130 Electric Water Pump Combo kit, and a 14” HP Thermatic Fan coupled to a front-mounted alloy radiator.

There’s nothing quite like fitting and road testing your own engine cooling products to a special vehicle to evaluate and show their versatility! On Start-up, the LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller, set at 85 degrees Celsius, the EWP performs its 10 second system check function. As the engine temperature rises, the 14” HP Thermatic Fan switches on when the temperature reaches 3 degrees Celsius above the targeted temperature, pulling 1500CFM through the radiator! The EWP130 and Thermatic Fan perform as designed, the EWP operates at full flow from 80 degrees Celsius, and the fan kicks in at 88 degrees Celsius and turns off when the engine temperature drops below 80 degrees Celsius.

When the engine has been shut down by the operator, should the temperature be higher than 85 degrees Celsius, the EWP and fan will continue to run until temperature drops 10 degrees Celsius below the targeted temperature. Should the temperature rise again, after shut-down, the EWP and fan will kick in again as designed – very reassuring!

The Beck 550s Spyder is an attractive and unique vehicle, has been displayed to practically demonstrate the Davies Craig LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller operating the Electric Water Pump and Thermatic Fan effectively and efficiently to potential purchasers.