The Advantages of a Davies Craig Electric Water Pump

18/02/2017 05:00AM

Davies Craig’s Electric Water Pumps (EWP®) are redefining the way engines maintain an optimal operating temperature. They do so by utilising a low amount of DC current to consistently monitor and maintain a specified engine temperature. There are a number of benefits to running Electric Water Pumps which we will outline in this article.

Firstly, a short rundown on the pitfalls of traditional mechanical water pumps. Mechanical water pumps have been used in cars for decades; however, they are one of very few remaining antiquated systems on a modern day car. A mechanical water pump is a belt driven pump that runs in conjunction with the operation of the crank. This gives the cooling system little to no flexibility in maintaining an optimal temperature as the higher the engine revs, the more water is pumped through the engine. This will often result in the engine being cooled either too much or too little. Another downside to the nature of mechanical water pumps are the resulting losses in power and fuel efficiency, the more water that’s pumped, the more power that’s sapped from the engine.

Due to the nature of Electric Water Pumps utilising electricity as opposed to mechanics, when running an Electric Water Pump you are likely to experience gains in power output, torque, fuel efficiency and throttle response. An electric water pump is operated totally independently of the engine drawing very little DC current at maximum flow, allowing for water to be pumped at precisely the correct speed. Throughout testing, Davies Craig has discovered that a mechanical water pump will use up to 10kw of power to operate at high speeds. The addition of a Davies Craig Electric Water Pump (EWP®) will recover this 10kw, sending most of it through to the wheels, with a small amount being lost throughout the drivetrain. When coupled with a Davies Craig LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller, a Davies Craig EWP® allows the customer an unheard of level of control over the temperature and operating characteristics of their engine whilst also eliminating heat soak.

Davies Craig is an industry leader in design, quality and innovation. Proudly Australian owned and operated, we have been manufacturing and distributing world class Electric Water Pumps and Thermatic® Cooling Fans around the world for over 45 years.