LS-Swapped “DatZen 280Z” running EWP150!

07/07/2017 09:00AM

Take a look at this beautiful LS-swapped Datsun 280Z that has been keeping things cool with a Davies Craig EWP150! Emily Williams and her beloved ‘DatZen’ recently took part in The Hot Rod Power Tour, in which show cars travel over 1000 miles through seven cities over seven days – only the best built cars last the full distance and earn the title of being a “long-hauler”. And the DatZen did just that, and coupled with the EWP150 was able to keep things cool whilst travelling through the hot US summer.

DatZen’s life started back when Emily’s husband Aaron bought the 1978 280Z to be used as his daily driver. After 10 years of marriage and 10 years since their first Hot Rod Power Tour (which was made in Emily’s GTO), the two decided to build up the 280Z and recreate the trip they made 10 years earlier. The LS delivers in the vicinity of 360hp to the wheels and from all reports is incredibly fun to drive! Emily has told us that the Davies Craig EWP150 has provided the car with awesome cooling capabilities and has drawn a tonne of attention from fellow Hot Rod Power tour Participants!

The Davies Craig Electric Water Pump (EWP) is a lightweight and more efficient alternative to the iron-age power sapping mechanical water pump. When coupled with the accompanying LCD controller, the EWP provides unparalleled control over the cooling capabilities of your car. The speed of the pump is managed by the controller, which varies the supply voltage to the pump and so varies the speed of the pump, hunting for a target temperature. When the engine reaches the target temperature the controller locks on, constantly changing the pump speed with traffic and throttle conditions, maintaining the target temperature independent of the engine speed.

To find out more about Emily Williams’ DatZen, visit her Facebook fan page here. To find out more about the Davies Craig Range of Electric Water Pumps, click here.