Just who is using Davies Craig products?

07/12/2018 09:00AM

Davies Craig is trusted by high-level engine builders and racers the world over, as they search for a competitive advantage over the competition. In this blog we’ll list just some of the racers and unique builds that have chosen Davies Craig for their automotive cooling needs!

Oxford University Motorsport Foundation

The Oxford University Motorsport Foundation uses Davies Craig EWP130 electric water pump’s in their Riley 1.5’s. OUMF is a unique organisation founded to form a link for people studying engineering in the UK that have aspirations of entering the motorsport industry. Read our last update on the team by clicking here.

Rod Wade aka The Vintage Adventurer

Rod Wade and his 1929 Model A ford have taken on some of the toughest roads in the world, competing in the Peking to Paris Rally, exploring the top end of Australia and driving east-west across the US. His impressive vehicle is cooled via a Davies Craig EWP, Thermatic Fan and digital controller. Read about his latest trip here.

Joachim Waagard

Joachim Waagard competes in the Red Bull Drift Shifters in his crazy LS2 powered, EWP150 cooled BMW M4. Searching for an edge over the competition Joachim turned to Davies Craig and is reaping the rewards. Read about the recent Liverpool round here.

Sheepey Built Twin Turbo Lamborghini Huracan

In one of the wildest builds we’ve seen, California based Sheepey Built turned to Davies Craig to cool their 1000hp+ Lamborghini Huracan. Built in the lead-up to SEMA 2017, nestled in amongst the turbos and some seriously impressive exhaust fabrication work is the Davies Craig EWP130! Check it out by clicking here.

Monash Motorsport

Monash Motorsport competes in the Formula SAE category, taking on the worlds best with their home-grown race cars. With both Electric and Internal Combustion Engine cars, the team has travelled far and wide in 2018. Read about their trip to Europe here.

Mike Drewer’s VW Beast

Mike Drewer’s awesome Subaru powered VW beetle is cooled by two Davies Craig Thermatic Fans as it powers across the salt at north of 150mph. Mike also turned to Davies Craig for a unique electric booster pump application. Read all about it in our blog here.

Greenspeed Research

Greenspeed Research is an Idaho based salt racing team, whose overall goal is to become the worlds fastest vegetable oil powered racer. For their cooling needs, they decided on dual EWP150’s to keep temperatures in check when they take on Bonneville’s hallowed salt flats. Read more about the team by clicking here.

Big Knob Racing

Norm Hardinge and his Salt Lake racer have earned the unique title of Australia’s fastest hot rod with series of a record braking runs across Lake Gairdner in South Australia. Armed with two EWP150’s (one for each side of the block) and two 14” Thermatic Fans, cooling is kept in check under the sustained periods of load on the engine. You can read more about Norm and Australia’s fastest hot rod by clicking here.

Do you own a race car or impressive machine cooled by Davies Craig products? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know by using the contact form or on our Facebook page!