Greenspeed Research breaks Bonneville Speedweek Record armed with EWP150’s

18/10/2017 01:00PM

Team Greenspeed have set a new record in the CDT class at Bonneville Speedweek with a two-run average speed of 219.411mph. In what was an eventful week on the salt flats which included an engine swap and multiple tyre issues to both car and trailer, cooling was kept under control thanks to their Davies Craig EWP150’s.

Cooling on the salt flats is essential to a fast run, with engines running at rapid rpm’s for 5 miles at their absolute peak speed there is a lot of heat running through each and every competitors power plants. Team Greenspeed understood better than most the risks associated with overheating on the salt flats, in 2016 the team was unable to keep rising intercooler temperatures in check.  For 2017, the team returned to the flats with a pair of EWP150’s bolted to their engines.

The most interesting part of the Team Greenspeed project is their aspiration of becoming the world’s fastest vegetable oil powered car. Unfortunately in 2017 it wasn’t to be, as the late delivery of a new camshaft put any vegetable oil related dreams on hold. For the event a traditional common rail engine was subbed in and the diesel pickup truck record was beaten soundly!

We can’t wait to see what the team at Greenspeed has in store for 2018 when they take to the salt again!