Ford 302 Windsor Engine - Electric Water Pump Overview

14/11/2019 12:00AM

The history of the Small Block Ford (SBF) goes back nearly six decades, with its origins in 1961, with one of the original displacements being a six-cylinder sized 221ci, or 3.6L. This Small Block Ford V8 was first found in the American Ford Fairlane in 1962 in an OHV or Over-Head Valve design. Evolution saw sizes increase, along with a related power and torque increase with fuel delivered via carburetor the electronic fuel injection from the late 1980s.

The SBF has resulted in what is now recognized as a somewhat iconic engine, however, some older engine blocks may have cooling issues and may require a full block clean.


Davies Craig Electric Water Pump (EWP®) for SBF 302.

Davies Craig supply a Header Adaptor Kit for the 302ci Windsor Ford engine. Part number #8640 includes a replacement plate for the mechanical water pump, a replacement gasket, screws, elbow adapter and O-ring, plus our comprehensive instruction sheet.

It’s suitable for the 221ci, 260ci, 289ci, and 351ci Windsor block.

It’s recommended that a Davies Craig Thermatic® Electric Fan and LCD EWP® & Fan Digital Controller also be installed for a complete cooling system upgrade.

When it comes to our EWP® range, smaller capacity engines would suit our EWP®80, however to be completely safe, our EWP®115, EWP®130  or EWP®150 will be ideal. Although the EWP150® may seem like overkill, the fact that it will flow 150 litres per minute means that the risk of overheating is drastically reduced.

Electric Water Pump (EWP®) Installation for Ford 302

As always, safety is paramount when working with mechanical and electrical parts. See the steps below for an overview of how to install an Electric Water Pump on a small block Ford.

  • Disconnect one terminal from the battery (if feasible as this depends on the vehicle), and ensure the work area is a clean, and dry, location.
  • Disconnect the hoses connected to the radiator and drain the fluid into a clean receptacle. This may allow it to be reused, depending on its quality. Make sure the hoses are kept, as some of the hoses can be reused.
  • Remove the drive belt as this allows access to the mechanical water pump’s bolts to remove the plate. Keep the bolts and give them a clean. It’s here that a good clean of the face where the pump was located needs to be performed.
  • Put the gasket onto the clean face and bolt the plate back in. Don’t forget a bit of adhesive and sealant will help ensure no leakage.
  • Install the supplied adaptors, clamps, and o-ring on the plate as per the included instruction sheet.
  • Then install the temperature sensor - this is the part that takes over from the thermostat. If your engine has a heater return outlet, then an adapter will be required and this screws into the front of the EWP®.
  • Cut and fit the radiator hoses to the radiator, EWP®, and plate as required. The temperature sensor should connect to the upper radiator hose and should be inserted between two sections.
  • From here, mount your chosen Davies Craig Thermatic® Electric fan.
  • Connect your digital controller as per the instruction sheets.
  • Check out all mounting points for a quick tighten, refill the radiator and reconnect the battery. is the one stop online shop for your extra cooling needs. We’d love to hear about your installations and if you used a competitor before coming to Davies Craig. Let us know here via our social media pages.