EWP suitable for your Ferrari 3.0 Mondial QV

04/02/2016 01:00AM

One of our customer was happy to share his expierence fitting an EWP to a Ferrari.


As an mid-engine Ferrari (from the 80’s) owner, I had just grown accustomed to the cabin temperature being affected by the power plant behind the cars occupants.  I made the switch to the Davies-Craig Electric Water pump kit last year (2015) and can state that there is a very noticeable difference. This is particularly evident when stationary in traffic where, historically, the cabin temperature would increase significantly and then slowly cool down when the car was moving again. This has made the ride comfort much better as the ambient temperature is better controlled.


Further to this the car reaches operating temperature quicker and cools down much faster – this is particularly beneficial for me as the garage leads to my study and so there is lot less heat coming into the study.


My only regret is that I didn’t make the switch much sooner. Based on my experience, I would thoroughly recommend that anyone considering to make the switch, to do so without hesitation.


The notion of the electric water pump was recommended (and eventually fitted) by David New from Dural Ultratune.


Zen Wijeyesinghe