Chev Small Block Electric Water Pump® Adaptor Kit Testimonial

09/11/2018 09:00AM

When California based Josh Backes was looking for a way to keep the running temperatures of his Chevelle in check, he stumbled across the Davies Craig brand and our range of Electric Water Pumps. Read on below to find out about his EWP150 & Thermatic Electric Fan installation and some of the benefits he's experienced!

Nothing is cooler than a cleaned up Small Block Chevy in a classic American muscle car! I had been scouring the internet for some unique (but functional) Small Block Chevy cooling products when I first discovered the offerings from Davies Craig. The EWP and Small Block Chevy Kit (DC-8970 and DC-8621) gave my hopped-up Small Block a fresh new look, while helping it stay even cooler on the street and on the track!

The Chevelle would always run a little warm on the hotter days in SoCal (small block 400’s are notorious for having heating issues). After mounting up the EWP 150, deleting the old mechanical water pump and tying in a Davies Craig 16” puller fan (DC-0166) to complete the setup, the car has never run better. I noticed a more responsive low-end RPM range initially, now that the engine wasn’t plagued with the heavy mechanical fan and water pump. I also noticed a nice improvement in ET at the drag strip. The EWP 150 combination with the 16” fan helped push the Chevelle to its best ET to date, 11.15 at 121mph (over the previous personal best of 11.6 sec @117!).

Also, the cars temps are rock solid when I drive it in the summer months. The EWP and Fan controller knows exactly how to run the EWP 150 and fan, keeping the car always within a few degrees if my desired 170° temp. I am asking a lot of this cooling system with the engines 11.8:1 compression ratio on 91 octane California pump gas, but thankfully over the last 4 years I have yet to have an issue.  

The EWP small block kit really cleaned up the way my engine looks too. Most people I show the engine to, don’t even notice the little EWP tucked away low on the side of the motor. The SBC kit gave the motor a really “race car” look, while keeping the motor cool enough for the street driving, I love to do.