Davies Craig’s Success in Motorsports - US Legends

18/03/2017 01:00AM

Davies Craig has a long history of success in motorsport, with the US Legends continuing to be the perfect proving ground for Davies Craig products. US Legends race cars are 5/8 scale fiberglass versions of iconic 30’s and 40’s NASCAR’s running stock Yamaha FJ1200 or XJR1200 motorcycle engines coupled with a Davies Craig EWP80. Internationally sanctioned by INEX, the US Legends racing scene was established as a fun and affordable spec class with strictly enforced rules to ensure fair competition. The series were looking for a better way to cool the high revving engines powering the action, and now over a decade later, we are proud to see the Davies Craig EWP80 continued to be used as the control water pump for the series.

The EWP80 is a simple, do-it-yourself product designed to complement or replace the existing belt driven, mechanical water pump. The water pump is anti-corrosive, lightweight, heat resistant and incorporates a ceramic faced seal for long-life durability. The benefits of an electric water pump are in its enhanced cooling control capabilities, added power and improved fuel economy. Davies Craig is proud to play such a pivotal role in a form of motorsport that often serves as a stepping stone between karting and professional racing.