Davies Craig Features in Classic Trucks Magazine

26/03/2019 12:00AM

With a tremendous social media following and impressive readership across the US, Classic Trucks Magazine have established themselves as one of the biggest publications within the automotive industry.

Dedicated to 1947-87 custom and restoration truck builders, their recent issue (January) showcased the transformation of a Small block Chevy kit where swapping multiple drivebelts for a single drivebelt with a Vintage Air Front Runner was completed.

During the transformation process, the team at Classic Trucks also included the addition of dual electric charge cooling fans. And this is where the Davies Craig products stepped in.

A pair of dual electric engine cooling fans made by Davies Craig and distributed by 3PConnect were installed, where they came configured to be used as pushers in the front of the radiator.

The Davies Craig dual Fans not only offered the new Chevy engine an increase in performance and fuel economy, but also offered compatibility with all electric fan controls. Classic Trucks took full advantage of this feature with the use of the FiTech fuel-injection computer to control the pair of fans.

Overall, the swapping of the drivebelts was transformed successfully, giving this Chevy engine its optimal performance, without needing multiple drivebelts.

This is just one of the many projects that Davies Craig continues to support across the globe. Do you have Davies Craig products installed in your vehicle? Head to our social channels and let us know your experiences with our range.