Davies Craig EWP® Part 3 – How to utilize an EWP® and how should I install it?

29/08/2019 12:00AM

Along with our EWP® kits, Davies Craig have electric fans and electric booster pumps. The fans are designed to replace a car’s mechanically driven setup and can be used in conjunction with the EWP®s and their controllers.

The booster pumps flow lower rates than the EWP®s and are intended to be used in areas such as go-kart engine cooling or aiding in flow between a radiator and intercooler. All of our parts come with a comprehensive instruction sheet.

When it comes to our EWP®s, for this project we’ve selected the EWP-80. But where exactly does it go? How do we determine how to best utilise its capability?

A decision to be made is whether to use it to back up the engine’s mechanical pump or to use it as the primary source of coolant flow. Then do we use it on its own or do we use it with a digital controller? Then that way the pump can be set to run on command, or it can be, like a mechanical pump, run constantly.

Depending on which option is chosen, location and method of fitment will largely vary. However, one standard in installation will be common. The lower radiator hose is where nearly all EWP®s will be fitted and this is where, perhaps, using one of the installation kits would be a more logical fitment choice.

Our next instalment will be on the installation process.