Davies Craig Electric Water Pump (EWP®) & Mini Cooper

07/11/2019 12:00AM

Davies Craig EWP® & Mini Cooper

What Is a Mini Cooper?

Travel back to the early 1960s and the Mini has quickly become a cult car.  Designed by Sir Alex Issigonis, it became famous for its ‘bigger on the inside than it looks’ space, its funky good looks, and in Cooper Works specification, a lot of muscle for a small four cylinder engine car.

BMW bought the name and in 2000 relaunched the Mini range. This includes the John Cooper Works GP Kit.

This Mini Cooper S, AKA ‘The Bomber’ utilizes a Davies Craig EWP®150

                             This Mini Cooper S, AKA ‘The Bomber’ utilizes a Davies Craig EWP®150

Electric Water Pump (EWP®) for a Mini Cooper

Although not a common installation, the EWP®80 would be the preferred Electric Water Pump for a Mini Cooper. For a range of engines that have a small capacity, the Davies Craig EWP®80 becomes the ideal choice to take over from the existing engine driven water pump. There have also been several ‘pocket rocket’ Minis which have been fitted with an EWP®150, though fitting these might be a little trickier due to space limitations.

Issues known with original Mini equipment include the temperature sensor. Made of a plastic material, the sensors are known to wear and fail. Our temperature sensor kit, part number #0409 would make a perfect replacement for the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) part.

The kit includes a sensor, compression fittings, and clamps.  The EWP80® itself can be purchased on its own, or more conveniently with a complete kit to make installation more feasible.

Due to the limited available space inside a Mini Cooper’s engine bay, some specialist work may be required to ensure a perfect fit. A benefit of using a Davies Craig EWP80® is its small size and light weight. At just 900 grams and made from super strong nylon, it’s a durable and lightweight addition to your Mini Cooper’s cooling system.


           Not a Mini Cooper, Still a Mini! Ollie Scull’s 1985 Mini Mayfair is equipped with a Davies Craig EWP®150.


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