Davies Craig cools off Kent Dalton's Hot Wheels Mustang!

12/08/2016 12:00PM

Australian-owned and operated manufacturer, Davies, Craig Pty Ltd has taken the initiative to assist Hot Wheels dare devil Kent Dalton with the fitment of the innovative EWP® Header-Adaptor Kit and an EWP150 Electric Water Pump to his Ford Mustang V8 Coyote engine.  High powered demonstrations of drifting are the order of the day at the V8 Supercar Championship race meetings around the country.

These high-revving, high speed demonstrations while offering fantastic entertainment generate an extraordinary amount of engine heat and the mechanical water pump is not adequate! So much so that Kent’s Mustang engine temperature was off the scale at Adelaide’s Clipsal 500, demonstrations, overheating constantly.

So, some action was needed!

Enter Melbourne based Ford performance professional Herrod Motorsport and well established Australian manufacturer and engine cooling specialists Davies Craig. These two companies put their heads together and came up with an engine cooling package that solved this problem. Kent Dalton’s Hot Wheels Mustang was shipped directly to the Thomastown premises after the Clipsal 500 to undergo the Davies Craig EWP150 Combo Kit and Adaptor Kit installation.

Armed with one of the prototype Davies Craig’s Ford Coyote EWP Header/Adaptor Kits and a EWP150 Electric Water Pump Combo Kit, Davies Craig’s Sales and Marketing Manager John Benson headed to Rob Herrod’s Thomastown premises to arrange the installation. The team at Herrod Motorsport were up to the task and the Hot Wheels Mustang was duly fitted out ready for four days of hard-charging drifting work at the Albert Park, Australian F1 Grand Prix circuit.

Dalton’s Hot Wheels Mustang will be drifting around most of the V8 Supercar Championship circuits this season. These Ford 5 litre coyote engines are fast becoming the engine of choice amongst the new Ford Mustang owners in Australia accounting for over 80% of the power plants fitted to the newly released Ford Mustangs.

The addition of the Davies Craig  Electric Water Pump Header-Adaptor Kit, coupled to the EWP®150 Electric Water Pump Combo Kit not only frees up the parasitic power loss inherent with mechanical water pumps and also offers a more consistent coolant flow!Deleting the existing mechanical iron-age water pump from the front of the engine block also frees up space, allowing the fitment of high performance 14” or 16” Davies Craig Thermatic® fans! 

Herrod Motorsport is best recognized for its high performance work on Fords. Rob Herrod’s team has had a close involvement in most Ford one-off specials over the last decade and tackling the Mustang’s engine temperature issue was all in a day’s work. This exciting new product allows end-users to enjoy the benefits of the superior engine cooling technology that Davies, Craig’s Electric Water Pump (EWP®) and the LCD EWP®/Fan Controller Combo Pack offers.

Davies, Craig Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company formed in 1971 and is now celebrating 45 years in the automotive industry, the company’s leading technology and innovation, research and development, manufacturing expertise, as well as marketing and distribution, delivers world class, quality excellence engine cooling products globally.

Davies Craig is now a leading manufacturer and marketer of a comprehensive range of automotive engine cooling products. Davies, Craig launched the ground breaking Thermatic® Fan in 1971 and has since added a broad range of transmission oil coolers, electric motors and in 1999 commenced marketing, the globally patented range of Electric Water Pumps (EWP®) and the LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller.