Datsun 240z LSx Powered Running an Electric Water Pump

02/05/2016 12:00AM


Jonathan Foster from FosterZ Performance (USA) was only too happy to share with us his success and positive feedback running our Electric Water Pump (EWP150) on his Datsun 240z powered by an LS based engine, this street car is possibly the fastest LS Swapped 240z in the world. All while being driven thousands of miles a year!


Just letting you know I went to race over the weekend and managed to reset the world record for an S30 with an LS motor in it.

Did a 8.2 @165 but had a fuel pump fail mid pass. Luckily my ECU kept the motor alive haha.

I also drove home that night (80 miles) and drove the car about 250 miles in traffic and freeway conditions without a hitch. The Electric Water Pump (EWP150) seems to have no issue keeping up with my setup. (Highest I saw was 205 in bumper to bumper traffic, which is likely due to my HUGE intercooler. I plan on doing some air guiding on the car before drag week, but I'm confident that the cooling system will be fine.


The Electric Water Pump did a great job of cooling the car off after making passes as well, I'm super happy with it. Just wanted to thank you again for giving me to opportunity to run it.



Thanks again for your help!

Jonathan Foster

18th April 2016


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