Chevrolet LS Electric Water Pump Overview

31/10/2019 12:00AM

What Is the Chevrolet LS?

Chevrolet has a long and solid history of developing V8 engines. They come in what are known as small and big block, which refers to their capacities. The LS name goes back to 1995, when Chevrolet re-engineered their long running small blocks.

Built in a 90 degree V8 configuration, the performance oriented LS engines are built using aluminium as the main material, whereas the “normal” engines are iron blocks.

General Motors defines the history of the LS as Generation 3, Generation 4 and Generation 5 as LT, or Gen III, Gen IV, and Gen V.

There is little in common with the previous versions of the Chevy V8. Just the rod bearings, lifters, and bore spacing are carried over from the preceding versions.

Davies Craig EWP® For LS Series Engines.

Davies Craig has specifically developed an Electric Water Pump, or EWP®, for the Chevrolet LS Series  engines.. The standard water pump on an LS engine is a belt driven unit, and the pump is located at the front centre of the block.

Our solution for the Chevy LS engine is a full kit of parts that simply needs to have an EWP® added. The kit itself provides the full range of additional parts required to fit a Davies Craig EWP® plus an installation will utilize some of the original equipment.


The Davies Craig LS Header Adaptor Kit Installation.

Listed as part number #8650, the kit includes alloy inlet adaptors, hose clamps, silicon hoses and more. What is required is an EWP®, and it’s recommended to be the EWP®115 as the minimum, with the EWP®150 the preferred choice, plus a LCD EWP® & Fan Digital Controller, which becomes your new electronic ‘Thermostat’. As always, safety is paramount when working with mechanical and electrical parts. Disconnect the positive terminal from the battery (if feasible as this depends on the vehicle), and ensure the work area is a clean, and dry, location.

Drain the coolant from the radiator into a clean receptacle. Then disconnect the radiator hoses. The LCD EWP® & Fan Digital Controller will take over the duties of the thermostat.

Make sure the hoses are kept, as some of the hoses can be reused. Remove the drive belt and this allows access to the mechanical water pump’s bolts. It’s here that a good clean of the face where the pump was located needs to be performed.

Install the two Alloy Adaptors supplied, clamps, and T-joint as per the included instruction sheet.  Then install the Thermal Temperature Sensor..

A Y-shaped hose is included which connects to the Alloy Adaptors. It’s now that your chosen EWP® should be attached; it may also have required some preassembly and should go into the “bottom” of the Y.

We’re on our way to finishing the installation. Reattach the belt, check all the clamps for the right tension, trim the top and bottom radiator hoses to length, and reattach. Refill with anti-boil-anti-freeze coolant ensuring all the air has been expelled from the cooling system. Reattach the battery terminal removed earlier.

Davies Craig also recommends a Thermatic Electric Fan to complement the EWP® and LS Adaptor Kit. The most suitable fan can be found on the Davies Craig website.

Davies Craig has plenty of assistance and a broad product range when it comes to supplying Chev LS engines with an EWP® and accessories. is the one stop online shop for your extra cooling needs. We’d love to hear about your installations and if you used a competitor before coming to Davies Craig. Let us know here via our blog comments section or our social media pages.