Automotive Cooling Systems ~ Evolving Technology

23/05/2024 12:00AM | By John Benson


One significant advance in fuel economy, emissions reduction and power train performance lies within one single area of the vehicle: the engine’s cooling system.

Electronics and new digital technologies are playing a greater role today in the management of vehicles’ engine cooling system and delivering outstanding results! Traditional mechanical cooling systems rely on an engine-belt-driven, iron-age mechanical water pump, a restrictive thermostat, and a radiator — all of which add considerable weight and consume the vehicle’s engine power. While these mechanical systems have met basic cooling system needs for several decades, the pace of change for engine cooling is evolving as fuel prices escalate and increased Government Regulations focus on reducing vehicle emissions.

Advanced 21st Century cooling systems such as Davies Craig’s range of remote mount Electric Water Pumps, Electric Booster Pumps and the LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller enable internal combustion engine (ICE) to operate at more regulated temperatures with far greater efficiency.

A Davies Craig Electric Water Pump (EWP®) combined with a LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller provide more precise thermal management for ICE and hybrid powertrain systems.

These smarter cooling systems feature high performance Electric Water Pumps, such as a Davies Craig’s Electric Water Pump (EWP®), patented LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller and Electric Booster Pump (EBP®) to complement Electric Thermatic® Cooling Fan/s. The installation of these Davies Craig components reduces engine parasitic power loss which is achieved by controlling and varying the coolant flow rate independent of the engine's speed. This improves performance in demanding low speed, high torque operations, including towing and off-road driving conditions. Importantly the LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller, at the same time, provides heat soak protection as it continues to operate the EWP® and Electric Thermatic® Cooling Fan even after the engine is switched off!


Davies, Craig’s range of Electric Water Pumps (EWP®) can deliver between 3% to 5% improved fuel economy, while further lowering environmental impact by reducing emissions. Such benefits are achieved as these more accurate thermal management systems enable engines to reach optimum operating temperatures faster, thus increasing more efficient combustion.


In addition to engine cooling, the EWP® and indeed the range of Electric Booster Pumps are suitable for charge, water-to-air coolant circulation for increased performance and hybrid vehicle power train cooling and thermal management for electric vehicles.

Electric Water Pumps and Electric Thermatic® Cooling Fans coupled to the LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller can be simply be retro installed to most engines and offers the optimum engine cooling efficiency. Engine management systems are evolving rapidly, and thermal management systems such as the range offered by Australian manufacturer Davies Craig Pty Ltd are constantly evolving to keep pace.

The performance, efficiency, and environmental benefits provided by enhanced cooling management technologies are compelling. These advantages will become even more crucial as stricter environmental regulations are introduced, along with consumer demands for more fuel-efficient vehicles.

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