No need to squeeze the probe of the Mechanical Thermatic® Switch between the radiator inlet and radiator hose, or the radiator fins.

This simple, economical Adaptor Kit allows easy fitting directly into the top radiator hose. Just fit the probe into the compression fitting, remove about 17mm (2/3”) of radiator hose, fit the adaptor between each hose and secure the hose clamps. The kit comes complete, as shown, for a watertight and effective probe installation. Extra rubber sleeves are supplied to enable fitment to radiator hose sizes from 32mm to 40mm (1¼” to 1½”) diameter. Suits all temperature sensors with either a 5mm (3/16”) or a 6mm (1/4” outside diameter and temperature gauge senders with 6mm (1/4”) NPT thread.

Note: This is an accessory for use with #0401, #0404, #0444 and #0455 Thermatic® Switches.


Kit Contents


Technical Specifications

In-Line Adaptor 1   Radiator Hose Size 32 - 40mm
EWP 3mm Sleeve Adaptor 2      
Olive for 6mm Sensor 1      
Olive for 5mm Sensor 1      
Comp Fitting 6.35mm Sensor 1      
Hose Clamps 2      
Instructions 1      


To suit the Davies, Craig Thermal Switch (Part #0400, #0401, #0404) use 6mm olive supplied.

For #0444 & #0455 sensor use 5mm olive supplied.


0409 - Fitting Breakdown.jpg

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